Animation Ideas

There are tons of dazzling effects we can create on your cover to make it come alive! Here are just a few types of effects we use to enhance the unique look of a book cover:
Magical Effects
glowing light, floating twinkle lights, bokeh lights, spiraling lights, sparkles, mystical smoke, halo, magic bursts, electric charge, flashing eyes
Weather Effects
Rain, water drops, moving clouds, lightning, sparkling snow, falling snow, fluttering snowflakes, streaming fog, dancing sunlight, sun rays, light transitioning to darkness 
Nature Effects: Plant Life
falling leaves, moving grass, swaying trees, flowers
Nature Effects: The Elements 
rippling current, flowing waterfall, water splashes, bubbles, fire stream, explosion, smoke, embers, wind-blown hair and clothing
More Water Effects
appearance of the cover being underwater, water rings on the cover as if the whole thing were a body of water
Wildlife Animations
flying birds, swimming fish, glowing fireflies, fluttering butterflies
Sky and Space Effects
stars, aurora, shooting stars, comets, meteor trail, flying space particles 
Other Artistic Effects
Hearts, bubbles, stars, fireworks, balloons, musical notes, footprints